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High School Spirit

We are grateful for the support that you and all of our other customers give to Western Heating & Air Conditioning. Support is a two-way street and we like to 'give back' to the community. "High School Spirit Contest" is a way for you to help your favorite high school by means of a friendly competition. Western Heating & Air Conditioning will donate to each high school based on what place they come in on Monday, September 16, 2019.
  1. $1000 towards atheletic/club organization & 200 t-shirts for student body
  2. $500 towards atheletic/club organization & 100 t-shirts for student body
  3. $250 towards atheletic/club organization & 50 t-shirts for student body
  • Voting: 1 vote per day per person.
  • Votes with unverified emails will not be counted.
  • One person cannot vote for other people. Play fair. It's okay if one person votes for family members, but not for multiple people (this is tracked and votes will be disregarded if this is done.)
  • The high school that comes in 1st place winner is not eligible to compete in one of our contests for 12 months.
Thank you everyone for voting!
Stay tuned, in the next few days we will have an official announcement about our winners!

High School Spirit Contest

  1. Salem Hills High School - Votes: 2558
  2. Lehi High School - Votes: 1602
  3. Provo High School - Votes: 210
Voting begins on August 16th - Sept. 16th
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