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Schedule your Heat Pump replacement in American Fork UT. Save money on your next Ductless Air Conditioner installation in Lehi UT. Read our AC repair service's testimonials in Orem UT. Read our AC repair service's testimonials in Orem UT.

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Does your furnace have these problems?

Furnace won't start
Clogged air filter
Pilot light or ignition issues
Thermostat not working
Poor airflow
Not blowing warm air
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Western Heating & Air Conditioning delivers convenient and professional service, right on time! Our experienced, friendly technicians will provide you with solutions to keep your family comfortable and save you money. We repair all brands and sizes of air conditioning unit.

Repair Process


1. Schedule The Repair:

Contact us online or call us at (801) 375-2665 to request a repair. You'll speak with a friendly Customer Service Rep to find a time that works within your busy schedule.

2. Receive An Arrival Call

A Customer Service Rep will call you while a Certified Comfort Expert is making their way to your home, so you know exactly when to expect their arrival.

3. See Straight Forward Pricing

Your Certified Comfort Expert will carefully inspect your furnace, answer any questions, educate you on your options, and get your approval to work.

4. Get Your Furnace Repaired TODAY

Either our trucks or nearby locations will have the parts you need. This allows you to have your repair done in the same day.

5. Leave Us Feedback

Lastly, we'll ask you how we did so that we make sure you received 5-Star Service. If you didn't, let us know and we'll make things right!

Common Furnace Repairs


Flame Igniter

An igniter is used to provide the spark to ignite the main burner flame in the furnace. When your igniter is broken, your burner can't ignite.

Flame Sensors

Confirms to the system that whenever the gas valve is open, a fire is actually present. Located at the burner assembly.

Inducer Motors

A small fan that pulls air through the furnace heat exchanger, sending it outside your home through a vent pipe.

Pressure Switches

An automatic safety feature located near the motor. It shuts the furnace off after sensing negative pressure created by the draft inducer motor.

Thermostat Replacement

Located in your home, this device monitors the indoor temperature and automatically adjusts your heating or cooling system to maintain a desired level.

DIY Furnace Fixes


1. Check Your Thermostat

Be sure the thermostat is set properly. Set it to “Heat” and the fan set to “Auto” or “On.” Then try raising the set temperature 3-5 degrees and wait a few minutes.

2. Check The Filter

A dirty filter can cause many problems and will reduce energy efficiency.

3. Check If The Vents Are Open

Be sure your vents around the home are open and make sure nothing is blocking the flow of warm air.

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